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What the hell?!?! This is amazing! Very good work

Thank you!


Can I remix and draw new anims base on it to fit my commercial project?


Yes! Go ahead :)


Is it ok if we edit the asset ourselves to not show the nudity?


That's fine, go ahead :)

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Just purchased. Do you have a resizing guide by chance? For example, when I resize the png file in Photoshop by going to Image>Image Size>and changing the percent values to say... 200, the resolution blurs and doesn't seem as crisp as it is displayed on the asset's webpage to the right of these comments.

Change the resizing algorithm to nearest neighbour and it should not blur. 

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Wow that is awesome! Thanks for the help. Worked like a charm.

This is such a cool asset. I'd love if you made more bosses that are "abominations" or lovecraftian style.


Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

If you're curious on how I'm using it, check her out:


Really cool! Thanks for showing me :D

Wait it has a jumping animation?

Not exactly, I just used a part of her attack & death animation to make it look like she's jumping.


Haha I figured you'd get a kick out of seeing her in action. She even has her own song now.  Let me know if you publish any more boss sprites - I'll definitely buy them!

This is really cool, animations are on point ! Hope to see more of this kind !

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Thanks, more will come :)


Holy cow Sven, this is a huge improvement from your previous work. Don't get me wrong, those are amazing as well, but this is just WOW!


Thank you! Glad you like it ^^

Hi, I would love to buy this, but a... non-topless version? Do you have an email address where I could contact you?

Hehe.. Yeah, I know the pixel nudity might put some people off. But I think it adds a charm to the monstrous character. At this moment I don't really have the time to go back and edit it. Sorry.