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Hi Sven! Are you planning to add Hurt & Death animation?

Hey! No, not at this moment

Ok cool

Hi Sven!

Do you have any plans to sell newly added assets as a bundle discount?
Will new characters be released soon?

I have plans to do a large bundle sale of all my assets this summer. I'm working on new assets, but i'm focusing on quality over speed right now. So I can't promise it soon :)

I loved this one! I will buy it immediately you have my support!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it 

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Awesome! I love your work. I think that right hand of boar man has a little bug in attack anim.Maybe?

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The right hand also suffers from a shadow blink in the idle anim. Amazing looking boar however!!

Thanks! Yeah, I agree that it looks off. I will update this soon!

Thanks for the feedback! This has now been updated