A downloadable asset pack

Contains no animations at this moment. But you are completely free to use this assets in whatever kind of project you like. No credit is required, but appreciated :)

Published Jan 19, 2017
AuthorSven T.
Tags2D, Dark, ghosts, Pixel Art, sprites


wraith.png 907 bytes


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This Creature is Just AWESOME!! I am in love with Your WORKS, Buddy!! Please Allow me to use this In my Game!! I am adding just some png or image if others credits, But I am Making a GIF or small Video of how much you helped, Your assets, their Links, And Your Twitter, note: I am also a follower of you in Twitter.

Glad you enjoy my work! Sure, go ahead :) ..Feel free to post the GIF/video on Twitter. Would love to see it

Heck yeah! great battle enemy 👍


Thank you! Got more awesome stuff on the way :D