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I just wanted to let you know that people can just save the GIFS you have on your post to their computer directly without paying for it

Just: Right click on image

Navigate to "Save image as"

Click on "Save image as"

Thank you for pointing this out and taking the time to write your comment. I will address this issue right away. 

Hi Sven, your art is awesome and I bought it a few months ago. I wondering if you could provide the JSON file for sprite sheet to me? I wish to use them to build my Pixi js game. Will be really appreciated!

Sure, what is your email?

Thanks Sven! My email is

Dang! Your art is awesome! I am currently working on a space-exploration game. Right now I am prototyping and hashing out some complicated stuff in the game engine. I would love to have you join my development team and maybe create some of your awesome art for the game! Hmu if your interested!


Thanks for the offer ..But I have to decline. I suggest you contact a freelance artist for hire. Good luck with the game! :)